Monthly Special

We've been getting lots of requests for a laser special, so we thought, why not!  This is a great time of year for laser treatments, so... 
We're now offering a Winter laser special; get 10% off your first area, or 15% off for two or more areas!
Popular areas for treatment include face, neck, upper chest, and hands.  Whether you have broken capillaries, facial veins or redness, or brown spots ("liver spots"), we can treat it!  We generally recommend 2 to 4 monthly treatments, depending on your response. 




Discomfort and downtime are minimal!

Book your appointment before Feb 28, and we'll honor your discount for the rest of your series!


Call us now at 512-786-3498 to book your treatment and start looking your best; you deserve it! 

We hope to see you soon!


Dr Katherine Farady and staff