Grace Kimmel
Medical Services

Achieving your best skin health is our top priority. Listed below are some of the medical services we offer. 

Skin Check
This is the most common type of medical appointment we schedule. If you have moles you are concerned about, or have never had a head to toe check done by a dermatologist, we highly recommend scheduling a skin check. Dr. Farady will examine you and note any spots to watch. If she decides a biopsy is needed, some same day appointments may be available.

Skin tag removal and destruction of lesions, (both considered cosmetic services), are also often performed at the same appointment, if time allows. Most adults should have these checks annually, although some patients with histories of skin cancer or suspicious spots may be asked to come in more frequently.

Acne Consult
Dr. Farady sees patients age 15 years and up for acne. Dr. Farady uses a holistic approach that may include prescription medicine, oral or topicals, and also looks at dietary and life factors that may be contributing. Together, she will create a plan to manage your acne.

Treatment of Ezcema, Rosacea, Rashes, and More
Do you have mysterious red bumps? Itchy, irritated skin? Does your face turn very red?

Whether you fell in poison ivy, have had psoriasis off and on for years, or developed a rash yesterday, Dr. Farady diagnoses and treats many skin conditions, and will work with you to achieve the best outcome.

To request appointment for General Dermatology or Cosmetic Scheduling, please call our office: 512-786-3498