Grace Kimmel
By Katherine Farady, MD
January 26, 2014
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Welcome to my blog!  Several years ago I had a small Wordpress blog, which I used as a platform from which to comment on various aspects of cosmetic dermatology.  Sadly, most of the contents of that blog were lost when I transferred my domain name to my current website.   I can’t say that I miss Wordpress (I found it very frustrating to work with), but I do miss the writing.

My blogs and newsletters all came to a halt in 2011, when events in my work life took a turn and left me with virtually no time for any extracurricular activities. (Group practice breakup, move to a solo practice) Now that we’re settled in the new space, there is a little more time for reflection and study.

My new practice reflects my interests and philosophy; one of the advantages of being on one’s own, I guess.  I have had an interest in cosmetic dermatology for over 15 years.  I love the combination of artistry (injectables, facial contouring), and science (cosmetic chemistry, laser physics, etc).  I especially love helping people feel better about their appearance.

I have also gotten involved in the functional medicine movement, and have been working to incorporate some of its principles into my practice of general dermatology.  I will write more about this topic in the future. For more information on functional medicine, check out the organization’s website here.

This blog will allow me to pass along some of my thoughts about topics that interest me, and hopefully my readers as well.  :)  I may not always stay on the topic of dermatology, but I’ll try to keep it interesting and informative. I may even engage in the occasional rant: the medical/insurance/industrial complex and the corruption of medicine by big Pharma are two topics that come to mind.  In fact, I have a whole other blog, "First Do No Harm", dedicated to exposing the dangers of statin drugs (cholesterol lowering agents),  which you can check out at  On second thought, maybe I’ll keep my rants confined to that blog.  :)  We’ll keep it light here!

I welcome your comments and suggestions.  Thanks for reading!