Grace Kimmel
September SilkPeel Special!
October 13, 2011
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Everyone loves SilkPeel!  If you’re not familiar with this treatment, it’s a very gentle microdermabrasion, combined with an infusion of one of four therapeutic solutions designed to address skin issues such as acne, discoloration, dehydration or sun damage.  This thirty minute procedure leaves you with extremely smooth and clean skin.  (gentle vacuum cleans out all the dirt, residual makeup and dead skin cells.)  Our patients leave the office glowing!

We have been asked when we would do a special on SilkPeel, so here it is:  First, our price for SilkPeel has gone down from $125.00 per treatment to $90.00.  But, if you receive a treatment during the month of September, you will get it for only $75.00!   You will also receive coupons for two more treatments at the same price, to be used before Dec 31.  You are free to use them yourself, or give them to a friend.

We are excited about this deal and think it will make this wonderful treatment available to more people.  Call us at 512-786-3498 for details and scheduling!